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Going to court

In this section you can find information on what happens once a case has entered the court system, how to prepare for court and the role of the court victim advisor.

Court cases can take a long time and a lot of people can be involved, and language can be unfamiliar. You have a right to understand what's happening in your case and can ask your court victim advisor
A Ministry of Justice staff member who can explain the court process and keep victims informed on the progress of their case.
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or the police officer in charge
Your main contact person with the police for your case.
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of your case if you're unsure about anything.


The plea


Court victim advisors


Victim impact statement


Types of hearings


Preparing for court


How the court works


The people in court


Giving evidence


The verdict and sentencing


Types of courts

The Victims Code [PDF, 577 KB]
Victims of crime in New Zealand have rights. These rights are set out in the the Victims Code
Court Services for Victims [PDF, 166 KB]
Information on Court Services for Victims
For people affected by crime [PDF, 815 KB]
Moving through the criminal justice system - what happens and where to get help


Ways to get support

0800 650 654 - 24/7 Victims Information Line
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